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Hey dudes,
New member here. I saw this community and I couldn't HELP but join. I've been training on my double bass for a little over a year now. My favorite double pedal would defenitly have to be the Yamaha Flying Dragon. Light, but FAST if you need them to be. My current setting for keeping metronomic speed double bass (on a good day) is 180 BPM (short amount of time) and 150 BPM (long amount of time). My favorite drummers are currently:

Danny Carey

Jason Bittner(the most precise double bass I've yet heard. Completely robotic)

Daniel Erlandsson

Joey Jordison (c'mon, he's matter-wapringly fast. Not as precise as Jason, but he simply cannot be matched for speed).

Dave Weckl (not fast at ALL, but he can keep robotic even-ness like Jason, and keep it going for a good three minutes, no sweat).

That's all for now, and I hope to continue posting some cool shtuff on here

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